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Derivaitves- Options & Futures Sites

Futures Trading Systems - New to Futures Trading Systems? - Here's what you should know: Free information, eBooks and articles.
Options Central - Great site for Learning about Options Trading
Basic Options Strategies
  - Quickly goes over the basic options trading strategies (option buys, covered calls, straddles, spreads, etc.)
Options Greeks - The options greeks (deltas, vegas...) explained clearly. options volatility - Understanding options  volatility is a big part of options trading.  
Delta neutral trading - Delta neutral trading explained clearly .
Options Industry Council  - Has good information on Options Trading. Free DVD!
Understanding Black Scholes model -
A site dedicated to understanding the Black Scholes
Formula for options trading.

Binomial Model -
The Binomial model for Options Pricing.
Binomial Model II - Another binomial model discussion here.

FuturesWeb  - Futures and Options portal offering FREE charts & quotes, news, research, software, books, futures directory and more!
Derivatives Portal -  Professional Guide to Derivatives
Index Futures Trading - Guide to index futures trading - elliott wave analysis, fibonacci sequence and candlestick theory.
Investing & Trading Guide - Offers free advice and guidance for individuals seeking to learn basic investing and trading in stocks, options, futures and bonds.
How To Successfully Invest In Stocks, Forex , Futures, And Options 

Free Options/Futures Tools

CBOE Black Scholes options calculator -  Options calculator at Cboe. Java based. Non java calculator here (Numaweb)
Hoadley's binomial options prices calculator - Online Binomial Options prices calculator
PHLX Options expiration Calendar (PDF)  - Download this and stick it up on your wall somewhere, you will need this.
PMpublishing Volatility Update  - Daily implied volatility updates from various exchanges. Site also includes graphs of implied versus historical volatility.
OSCC Option Tools  - Over and under priced option charts for all contracts. OSCC Total Option Premium. Futures charts have a leading indicator called "Traders Sentiment".
ChartBender - Find, analyze, research, manage and understand options behavior to improve timing in the marketplace and ultimately maximize profitability.
TeleChart2007 by Worden  - 'Best of breed' charting software
Kai Reinke's Excel Option Calculator
Option Strategist - Free Options Tools  and More !!
Covered Call Calculator To Maximize Profits !
Options and Futures Trading Chart - See the Trading software that predicts with accuracy.
Commodities/Futures Trading Charts

Trading Quotable Quotes - A collection of words of wisdom and trading quotable quotes that are useful for all stages of trader's development. Applicable to stocks, futures, forex and options trading.

Options and Futures Exchanges

CBOE - The mother of all options trading exchanges, has some great info on the website
PHLX - The Philli Exchange's home for Options Trading.

CME - More for commodity oriented futures and  options trading.

CBOT -  Chicago Board of Trade
New York Mercantile Exchange
ICE  - Intercontinental Exchange
NYBOT -  New York Board of Trade
MX  - Montréal Exchange - Canada


Commodity Brokers, Options Brokers and Futures Brokers


Good Options/Futures Signal Advisory Services - Options Advisor
Complete Options -
Options Trading alerts on a variety of strategies.
Options Trading Shhhhh - Secrets of Pros Direct To You Daily 100% Free. 100% Effective. Sign Up!
Options Advisory Service -  The expert for non-directional, complex trading strategies - A very powerful options trading strategy,
Shogun Options Trading - Shogun Options is the one exception.

Derivatives Books/Articles/Magazines

Futures Education Books
Options Trading Books
Options Volatility -  A great article (PDF format) for understanding volatility.
Options Spread Trading -
How To Secure Fast, Safe Gains Using Spread Trades. New Report.
Free Trading Manual -
Learn to Trade Options Online with a Free Options Trading Guide
OptionSmart.Com - Comprehensive Stock and Index Options Research Reports (200+ per week, in PDF format).
Options Strategy Guide - A guide that employs a mini expert system to help find the most appropriate strategy for views on the market.
The Option Club - Sign-Up Now for Newsletter and Option Trading Lessons!
Futures Magazine - Futures Magazine provides you with the essentials you need to make smart trading decisions
InvestorFLIX - Watch this video presentation and imagine gaining access to the world's best traders in your own home!!
Options University - Recommended options education provider
Trader Monthly Magazine - The premier magazine for traders by traders 
Options Investment Newsletter 
Global Bullion Trading Group: Options Pricing Theories 
Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine

Book on Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options
CONSENSUS National Futures & Financial Weekly 
Top Finance and Trading resources - Excellent Resources!!




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