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Automated Trading takes away the most difficult decision any trader faces: when is the right time to enter or exit the market. Many individuals are also dissatisfied with the level of returns in the market place. Using an automated system allows the automated trader to customize his level of risk to aim for his desired level of return.

What is Expert Advisor (EA) ?
Is it an indicator ?No. It’s not indicator, and it’s not a system. It’s automated robot that trades without your part. You just set it and leave you computer run while EA is trading for you. They run ONLY UNDER MetaTrader 4 trading platform. EAs(Expert Advisors) do NOT run WITHOUT installed MetaTrader 4 platform. 
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Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor
This Forex EA is the  latest breakthrough in forex trading. Forex MegaDroid has unique features that NO other robot on the market has. It has a Broker buster in-built mechanism (no broker in the world will ever know you are trading with it and hence cannot stop you from doubling your account every month). It hass a great consistency along with a new Artificial Intelligence technology (RCTPA) which allows the robot to see what will happen in the market within the next 2-4 hours.. Check out now..

Forex Maestro Robot
"The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a 'Forbidden' Forex Trading ROBOT. A freaking forex fortune using a *RADICAL* automatic system.This ingenious invention uses complex mathematical algorithms and technical analysis to determine winning Forex trades, effortlessly and automatically.By scrutinizing the miniscule movements in the markets... Forex Maestro becomes familiar... even intimate... with what is trading up or down...Developing what professional traders call a "sixth sense". A sort of "feel" for how the currencies will behave in any given situation..even say it's RECESSION PROOF!.Check out how....

FAPTurbo Expert Advisor
FAP Turbo is by far the most advanced Forex Automated Robot in the market right now. It features a plethora of features, two different trading strategies (short and long term) and it works on a number of different currency pairs that will help us spread the gains (and risk) smoothly for better results. There is one very innovative feature built in within the FAP turbo code we haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s called Stealth Mode and it basically “hides” your stoploss and target levels from your broker in order to protect yourself from nasty stop-hunting practices by shady brokers. Check out a the video...

Home Trader Success Program - Forex Robot
The Forex Software On The Market Blowing The Competitors Out Of The Water With the latest Cutting Edge Technology And Precision Trade Signals. Super High Converting With Non-existent Refunds.  Find out More about the Robot...

Forex Beater
Forex Beater is a Quality Software Expert Advisor that uses 3 external indicators to place trade with free lifetime upgrades. Find out More..

This is an Expert Advisor with these 3 of the most popular indicators
that takes the decision making process out of your hands. Find out More..

Forex Mafioso Expert Advisor
The major difference from other EUR/USD forex software is Forex Mafioso has been programmed to work efficiently on short (sell) trading. This expert advisor Works only for EUR/USD trade on a  Time frame setting of 1 Minute. Find Out More..

Forex AutoCash Robot EA
A New Forex World Record A New Ground Breaking Discovery. The most POWERFUL Forex trading robot in existence. A newly discovered trading logic is coded into the software. The robot detects small price swings that occur many times throughout the day. Price swings happen regardless of what happens in the world economy and the stock market.  Watch The Video Now ...

Forex Profit Hunter
The system is Expert Advisor software that automatically enters and exits trades according to a set of parameters and is designed only for MetaTrader 4 platform
It works best in 15-minute time frame setting and Works on major currency pairs.
Find Out More..

Forex Funnel Expert Advisor
A Breakthrough Automated Expert Advisor. Based on a popular trading style within the MT4 Forex environment, this Expert Advisor is getting quite a bit of attention in the markets.  Find Out More Details..

Automated Forex System - Shark EA 4.0 ULTIMATE
The Shark EA Automated Forex System watches 12 indicators, pivots, fibs and support and resistance levels on multiple time-frames to make a trading decision. Every trade is secured by a fixed stop-loss (with the initial order). The Shark executes 2 trades on an average trading day with a win ratio of 85% from all trades. The recommended risk-setting per trade is 1%-3% of your equity.

The System is tested back to 1999 and is since January '07, it is used on a "LIVE" account. Actual P/L on Live Account: +927% since January 2007. You can verify this with 3rd party login to the Live account .

Automated Forex System - GRIFFIN EA 2.0 ULTIMATE
The Griffin EA is a professional intra-day automated forex system executing 1-2 trades on an average trading day and has a win ratio of 89%. uses higher time-frames to determine the actual market direction and lower time-frames to determine turning points. Every trade is secured by a fixed stop-loss (with the initial order). The recommended risk per trade is between 2%-4% of total equity.

The Actual P/L on Live Account is +129% since September 2007. As with the Shark EA, you can verify these results with 3rd party login here .

The Award Winning FRACTAL WIZARD EA Version 2.0
The fractal system is a complete trading system on forex market. FractalWizard EA using a fractal pattern to analyze a reversal in the current trend; but the EA also similar to trend following systems in that it seeks to capture profits during trending periods. However, the trading build in the EA is not a conventional trend following approach.  FractalWizard EA combine the trend following with the contrarian trading to produce consistent profit.  
   Find out More about this award winning trading system.. 

PointBreak Version 5.0 Expert Advisor
PointBreak EA which is long term profitable expert advisor using pure logical and mathematical trading system. PointBreak Expert Advisor has been a profitable expert advisor for the past 4 years. Performance on our Agressive System produce 51.99% since October 2007. Learn More..

PipsMania V2.0 Expert Advisor
99.9% No loss with PipsMania V2.0 Expert Advisor.. This is the most sophisticated multi-timeframe Expert Advisor "EA" to hit the Forex trading community! This Robot scans 8 seperate timeframes from 1 Month down to 1 Minute automatically and simultaneously. 99.9% no loss is obtained when no type of stop loss is employed, averaging approximately 550 pips per week. It is a fact that 90% of people lose all of their money trying to be successful in the Forex market.. Please learn why you need this solution for your forex trading here.

DoublePlay v4.5 Expert Advisor
High Performance highly specialized Expert Advisor For Metatrader 4, Designed for EUR/USD and USD/CHF. The Most Profitable Expert Advisor available commercially! Proven successful automated trading robot.  Disciplined, consistent and proven profitable on live accounts worldwide ..
    <<== Find out more.... 

Prophet1 Expert Advisor For Metatrader Mt4
Prophet1 Is An Amazing Highly Profitable Fully Automated Forex Trading System. This Expert Advisor Is Unique And Highly Profitable. Prophet1 Makes Calculated Highly Profitable Trades Consistently. Prophet1 Is Your Key To Success In The Forex Market.
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Conquest expert advisor
Conquest expert advisor software trades the forex market for you like nothing else you have ever seen. In back testing over historical data, conquest showed a 779% return and 99% winning trade ratio.
Conquest features: 

  • Highest winning trade percentage of any expert advisor software
  • Make money with no prior training
  • Tremendous growth potential unlike any other trading method
  • Automatically compounds your profits as account grows
  • Designed to run unattended.  Just turn it on and let it trade.
  • Intelligent timing to enter trades so you get the maximum profit
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KISS Automated Forex Trading System
The KISS trading system works because its based on two fundamental principles (not some magical indicator) that have withstood the test of time:
1. Market Timing
2. Smart Money Management
Some quick highlights of the Kiss Trading System:
* Requires no technical indicators
* Uses a "Set and Forget" strategy to free up your time
* Makes only 1 trade per day at the same exact time
* Requires only 3 minutes per day (or less)
* Is fully automated with a metatrader Expert Advisor (EA) ..
  Learn More 

Pipboxer - Breakout Expert Advisors
PipBoxer is a breakout expert advisor with a twist. The strategy consists of 5 major steps to enter the trades correctly, manage them in the best way possible and exit them safely.
Those steps are:
1. Recognizing the box size.
2. Filtering out the false breakouts.
3. Taking risk management into account.
4. Entering and exiting trades.
5. Adopting money management techniques.
Discover more about the Pipboxer trading strategy, including video's, analysis of every expert advisor, strategy tester reports, read reviews from independent traders and more here: ===>
Pipboxer Trading Strategy Learn more about each specific metatrader expert advisor, including past performance results here: ===> Pipboxer EA's

Steinitz EA
Steinitz EA can automaticly switch if market condition change from ranging to trending and visa versa. It Automatically searches for counter trends between the monthly and 5 minute timeframes. Has Trading hours only available to trade based on your times you choose. The robot has the ability to place hedge trades automatically.  Find Out More

Forex Trading With ZTL
ZTL Forex Trading Method is a result of years of Research.ZTL Method is Highly Profitable, easy to understand and easy to implement. ZTL is a system developed for Professional Traders.It can be well implemented by both the Newbie and the most experienced Trader as well.ZTL Method does not use any indicator at all whatsoever.

  ZTL will revolutionise your trading..Learn More about the ZTL Trading

The Extreme Swing™ and the Power Break™ Method :
The EXPERT FOREX SYSTEM  - Introducing Two Forex trading methods which have been hidden for years, known to only a small group of Wealthy Trading Elite!  Finally, these unbelievable trading methods are available to the public for the first time ever. These methods have the potential to completely change your life.Revolutionary Wealth-Building Forex Trading System Never Released To The Public Before Goes Live ! Learn More..

Parabolic FX Expert Advisor
Parabolic FX is an automated trading system that uses a top-down trading method. The top-down trading method looks at a higher time frame and uses moving averages to determine the direction of the trend. This expert advisor runs on any Metatrader 4 Forex broker and will also run on any chart timeframe. Parabolic FX can trade any currency pair with ease and can operate with other expert advisors.There is no minimum balance required to run this expert advisor. Find Out More..

RobinHood Expert Advisor
RobinHood only runs on the Interbank FX broker, metatrader 4, EUR/USD pair and 4 hour chart. RobinHood Expert Advisor is a automated trading program that calculates the direction of the trend for the currency pair EUR/USD. It does not use traditional lagging technical indicators.RobinHood has its own original formula and set of rules for decision making. If all conditions are met, RobinHood Expert Advisor will calculate how many lots to buy/sell for position(s) with regard to the percentage of risk that was chosen. Get It Now..

Treasure FX Original Expert Advisor
Important: Please run the TreasureFX_Compatibility.ex4 (.zip file) script on your account to make sure Treasure FX will run on your broker.The compatiblity script runs on the EURUSD daily chart and will display a PASS or FAIL on the screen indicating whether it will run on you brokerage account.
TreasureFX is an investing expert advisor that rides the trend and lets profits run. Expert Advisor program runs on most Forex brokerages that use the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. TreasureFX trades the EURUSD pair on the Daily chart and decides the direction of the trend and then opens its first buy order on a dip or sell order near a peak. The EA protects its account with an initial stop-loss and then strategically moves the stop-loss to lock in profit. Get It Now..

Treasure FX Premium Expert Advisor
Important: Please run the TreasureFX_Compatibility.ex4 (.zip file) script on your account to make sure Treasure FX will run on your broker. The compatiblity script runs on the EURUSD daily chart and will display a PASS or FAIL on the screen indicating whether it will run on you brokerage account.
TreasureFX is an investing expert advisor that rides the trend and lets profits run. Expert Advisor program runs on most Forex brokerages that use the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. TreasureFX trades the EURUSD pair on the Daily chart and decides the direction of the trend and then opens its first buy order on a dip or sell order near a peak. The EA protects its account with an initial stop-loss and then strategically moves the stop-loss to lock in profit.
Premium Extra Features
Can run with other expert advisors
Magic number can be modified by trader to suit his needs
Flexibility and control of money management
Sound Alerts of each order that is open, modified or closed
Get Treasure FX Premium Expert Advisor Now..

AutoNewsTrader – is the expert advisor developed for metatrader 4. It could run as indicator and as trading expert.
The main features of the AutoNewsTrader are:

  • Automatic trading the important news events. The trading events and strategies are developed by our specialists and updated every week;
  • Use auto setting for trading events or custom;
  • Trader can custom program up to 3 events to trade;
  • Alert features on all events, including trading alerts, sound and e-mail;
  • Money management;
  • Display upcoming events;
  • Ability to plot on the chart directly news events with descriptions. Forget about economical calendar – it is all on your chart;
  •  Filter events                             
    Find Out More about AutoNewsTrader expert advisor......

The BreakoutMA strategy was developed to work on flat, but also it works well on the trend market conditions. It is very reliable, with low risk and used for intraday trading. Original strategy was published by well known russian trader from However, it does not give you a lot of profit per day, but just say – every day 10-20 points – is not bad? The strategy works on the 1H timeframe. It could work on any symbol, but most preffered are:EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD. By the strategy the maximum trades per day are 2. For riskless trading it is recommended 6000$-7000$ deposit for trading by 1 lot.
Find Out More..

ChannelTrader works on H4 timeframe with EURUSD and GBPUSD. It uses simple channel strategy. Works well on trend condition market. Don't use it in flat or swing market conditions. Find Out More..

Easy Day Trader
Expert can be attached to any chart from 30M to D1 timeframe. Buy and Sell trades are entered each day. No take profit is set.
   Find Out More..

The system was developed as the advisor for work in the market Forex for currency pair EURUSD. The time interval on which works the advisor - H1. The advisor works on trading platform Metatrader and well itself has recommended at work on real accounts.  Find Out More..

AutoTrendLines indicator can shows trendlines together with channels. It helps trader to quickly analyze the market on the different timeframe and find some figures such as triangles, flags, etc...Channels could be calculated on higher timeframe but will show on lower timeframe also. Find Out More..

The following indicator draw the price channel based on the current market conditions, also shows the price breakout. The package include version for Metatrader 3 and Metatrader 4. Source code included. Find out more..

Forex Trend System
The Forex Trend System is a manual indicator that identifies changes in trend and allows you to capture the major market moves. It has been designed for MetaTrader 4. Find More..

FOREX KISS Strategy Version II
Finally a system that C O N S I S T E N T L Y makes profits in the FOREX markets that it's almost Impossible to lose.A system that could possibly change your perspective on the way you trade!!!!

Forex Ghost
This EA uses numerous calculations and hypotheses where the market will go with 95%-96% accuracy. The EA can trade any pair you wish. It is preferred to trade the EUR/GPB .It uses a percentage of the account balance to make trades with out killing the equity turning the cash into…more cash .
 Find more about the Forex Ghost Expert Advisor and view the Preformance Results..

The Forex Assassin Formula
The Only System Designed for 9-to-5'ers - start with as little as $100 and set and forget (you work out your trades during the weekend). Test the system without risking a cent - fully test the formula, risk-free for 8 weeks - see the profitability and ease of use for yourself. ZERO decision making required- tells you exactly when to enter and exit - no previous experience, expensive equipment or long hours needed. Easy, unique "price driven" system - absolutely no complicated indicators whatsoever, guaranteed.   Find Out For Yourself...

ForexGoldenGoose Auto-Trader Expert Advisor (EA). Worlds Smartest Martingale Forex Engine . 25% to 40% Monthly Returns
Ultimate Protection for the only "No-Lose" Forex Strategy. This EA collects profits then safely exits at the first sign of trouble. Its not how much you make in Forex, its how much you keep. FGG use multiple NEVER-RELEASED Pro Trader strategies to protect your nest egg. Double your capital in 4-6 months depending on your risk settings. 100% Auto-Trader. Find Out More about the EA..




Forex, Commodities, Fixed income, Indices, Emini (DOW, NASDAQ, Russell, S&P), Futures markets ..

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DecisionBar Trading Software has revolutionized the way people trade the stock and futures markets. The DecisionBar indicators now run on four superior software platforms. If you trade stocks, futures or commodities, eSignal, MultiCharts or TradeStation is the platform for you. Get started right now..

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