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  • The Technical Trader Hotsheet - Uncover brand new cutting-edge methods that will change your trading results for ever, guaranteed. FREE HOTSHEET SAMPLE

  • Volcone Analyzer Pro Software
    Instantly tells you if an Option is Cheap or Expensive in terms of its implied volatility. This proprietary software was used by floor traders before placing trades and is now available to the public for the first time. This amazing software instantly tells you if an option is cheap or expensive, and gives you an unfair advantage in the options markets by telling you precisely if you should buy or sell an option.

  • Gamma Trading Identifier Software
    Supercharge your option trading results using this new trading technology

  • Math & Money - Eliminate the weak link in you trading system with intelligent money management.  Money management is the real holy grail to stock profits.  (Includes Position Sizing Calculator)

    To download "Math & Money", [  Click Here ] and select "save target as" on the menu that appears (this may take a few minutes). 



  • Charts and Quotes

    IQChart - If you are looking for more customized stock analysis for less money? Then look no further. IQ Chart provides some of the most extensive stock charting and analysis software in the business for less than half the price of the competition.


    • Real-Time Quotes and Charts
    • Stock Scan using more than 100 criteria
    • Real-Time Watchlist
    • Portfolio Tracker
    • Technical Indicators - Including proprietary indicators, IQC Zone,
    • Relative Strength Ranking, and Money Flow.
    • Receive a complimentary 30-day trial

  • Dynamic Analysis Charting Software
    Proprietary indicators not found anywhere else,Superior Analysis, Easily finding profitable trades in up or down markets


  • Candle Stick Shop
    Learn on how to read candlestick patterns, and interpret reversal signals; Explanations on the theory behind why/how technical analysis works; tips on stock trading entry and exit techniques

  • Buy/Sell Signals NEW! Global & Current Chart Settings
    Technical Analysis Tools Marking & Notation Tools
    Customizable Indicators Easy to Use Chart Scaling
    Unique Market Calculators Candlesticks!
    25 Years of Historical Data Expandable with Plug-Ins

        Download Free Trial ->  


    Trading System

    Wave59 Day Trading Software - If you're tired of using the same old trading indicators that everyone else is using, then this may be the solution you're looking for. Wave59 real-time software contains extremely powerful techniques that can give you a real edge when day trading the financial markets.

    Why Wave59?:

    • Genetic algorithms to composite cycle prediction techniques, this software contains some of the most advanced algorithms ever applied to the financial markets (and no you don't need to understand what these are to use it to your advantage).
    • Drawing tools, neural nets, time and pricing patterns, even custom scripting!
    • Unlike other charting programs, this software was built by traders, for traders, making it user friendly.
    • FREE 30-day trial, fully functional, not some watered down demo. Take a closer look, there really is nothing to lose 

               Track 'n Trade Pro System-Plugins

          Track 'n Trade - Seasonals 
            The seasonal indicator takes the fundamental nature of the 
            commodities market and turns it into a powerful technical indicator.
            See the historical trends of commodities such as wheat, corn and 
            soybeans; which have very seasonal events that affect price each 
            year at basically the same time. Never buck the seasonal trend, and
            with this indicator, you'll know when that is.

             Track 'n Trade - Simulator
            Simulate Trading with the 25 Years of Historical Data!
             The Accounting/Simulator Plug-in gives users the ability to track 
             current "live" accounts as well as simulate trades using 25
             years of historical data which is included with Track 'n Trade
             Pro. You can even simulate trading today's actual daily end-of-day
             data when you include our daily data download service.

               Track 'n Trade - Bulls 'n Bears Trading System
               Evaluating and choosing which futures contract to trade is no longer a  
               complex, time consuming task. With the Bulls 'n Bears Red Light, Green
               Light, Blue Light trading method/system you now have simple-to-
               understand entry and exit signals displayed visually, right on the chart! 

              Track 'n Trade - Commitment of Traders (COT)
           Why do I need the COT Plug-in? Get the Overall Market Picture!
           The Commitment of Traders Indicator gives you the Overall Picture   
of what is happening behind the scenes of each market. It actually
           tells you who's buying and who's selling; that information is just way
           too important to leave to chance. Without knowing the COT, you're
           basically trading blindfolded; this information is absolutely "key" to 
           your  trading success.


            Boomerang Scalp Trader System 
            It is a complete scalping system for trading the ES Emini S&P500. 
            Provides alerts for crystal clear entries, exits and stops with a very high
            degree of accuracy.
            Key Features:
            * Includes pre-set audible alerts, visual arrow markers, and painted bars
            that clearly define trade entry points (colors and format can to changed, if
            so desired) .
            * Leading "Boomerang Bias" line tells you when to use caution on the
            trade  or when the trade is near completion "Boomerang Force Index" line
            confirms trade with audible alerts line color confirmation (colors and  
            format  can to changed, if so desired)









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